Waterloo Horsemen's Association


WHA History
In 1993, we were about to lose the horse trails in Waterloo. The DNR simply didn't have sufficient funding to maintain the trails. Waterloo Horsemen's Association, Inc. was formed by riders, "horsemen", who have a common goal to restore and improve the trails for safe and enjoyable riding. WHA is a non-profit organization for charitable and educational purposes.

In 1996, the DNR and the Waterloo Horsemen's Association signed a partnership agreement. This was the first such agreement in Michigan where the DNR and a volunteer organization agreed to cooperate in the promotion of equestrian sports with the development and maintenance of a horse campground and horse trails within the Waterloo Recreation Area.

Today, the trails and campground are substantially improved thanks to the volunteer work done by the WHA with supervision and guidance from the DNR. This is a good example of how government and individuals can work together.